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A firm of Chartered Certified Accountants in Colchester and Harwich who deliver on their promise of quality service and advice.

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We take the time to get to know you and your business and perform all work in a friendly and efficient manner.

In addition, we are aware that clients are looking for a greater degree of certainty when dealing with their accountant. JTF understand this and as a result their clients benefit from the following:

  • For all compliance work, e.g. preparation of accounts and tax returns, fees are agreed in advance of the work being carried out and once agreed, that fee is fixed. You do not need to worry that the final fee will be higher when the work is completed.
  • A mutually convenient date on which work is to commence is agreed in advance so that you will know when to deliver your records to our office. You do not have to worry that your records will sit gathering dust for months before someone looks at them.
  • We will also agree a date by which draft accounts will be available so again you do not have to worry that someone will start the work and then put it down again when something “more important” comes along.

We also understand that clients are looking for their accountant to do more than just “crunch the numbers”. We review the figures produced and take the time to discuss them with our clients and offer advice such as the best way to present the figures and actions that can be taken to reduce the amount of tax payable.

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